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 So What Is Resilience?

What successful people have achieved by going after their dreams

All successful champions can attest to taking the craziest leaps of faith into the world of the unknown by doing what others fear doing in order reach new levels of success.  Resilience is the ability to take a chance at pursuing your deepest passions and goals despite current situations or setbacks in a resilient yet disciplined manner.

Simply knows all too well that acts of resilience are the key ingredient needed to push through any successful venture. Homeless as a teen, a homeless parent at 19 that wanted more than a monthly check.


 A resilient and intuitive mindset shaped many of Simply’s risky, but strategic business moves as he transitioned from welfare, college, and on to the world of work before becoming the business owner of Simply Speaks, LLC. All of this while never turning back after any setback. You must get ready, be ready, and stay ready for all obstacles that may come your way.

Simply Speaks LLC offers three high content resilience programs designed to meet the needs of your organization. 

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