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 So What Is Resilience?

The accomplishments of successful individuals in pursuing their dreams. is to conquer the fear and embrace the authentic leader within.

Every successful achiever can attest to taking audacious leaps of faith into the realm of uncertainty, fearlessly venturing where others hesitate to go in order to attain new heights of success. Resilience, the ability to pursue one's deepest passions and goals despite existing circumstances or setbacks, lies at the core of their achievements, executed with unwavering determination and discipline.

Simply Speaks understands firsthand that acts of resilience are the vital catalysts for overcoming challenges in any successful endeavor. Having experienced homelessness as a teenager and being a young parent reliant on monthly assistance, Simply's journey is a testament to a resilient and intuitive mindset that propelled strategic business decisions during transitions from welfare to college and ultimately establishing Simply Speaks, LLC. Through unwavering perseverance, setbacks were never perceived as roadblocks, but rather as opportunities for growth. Being prepared, staying prepared, and remaining steadfast in the face of obstacles are essential elements in the pursuit of success.


Simply Speaks offers three highly impactful resilience programs tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. These programs are designed to provide valuable content that empowers individuals with the resilience necessary to thrive and overcome adversity.

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