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In the past three years, leaders in the United States and around the world have experienced the cumulative effects of the global pandemic, disruptions in business as usual, a troubling rise in intolerance and political polarization, and a surge of individuals who refuse to stay silent any longer. In the face of these challenges, the renowned transformational speaker, Simply, delivers a powerful wake-up call, urging audiences to embrace radical transformation, empowerment, and the discovery of their true selves. Authenticity, Simply emphasizes, is the key to unlocking genuine freedom.

Through an impactful and empowering keynote presentation titled "Statistically Speaking: I'm not supposed to be here," Simply Speaks guides audiences towards self-discovery and a deeper appreciation for their unique qualities. This thought-provoking talk reminds leaders at all levels of the importance of fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment that honors every individual. Such an environment not only aligns with moral principles but also brings out the best in employees and serves the interests of customers.

Simply Speaks, who uses the pronouns He/They, delivers a captivating and timely keynote that leaves a lasting impression. The audience is awakened to the realization that accessing their instincts and intuition is essential for navigating their own unique life path. Simply Speaks, an embodiment of personal power, shares their own remarkable journey, triumphing over challenges such as surviving abuse during foster care, facing domestic violence in a same-sex relationship, and overcoming addiction and homelessness. In 2003, Simply Speaks embarked on a lifelong journey of self-healing, ultimately finding their calling as a transformational speaker.

The inspiring message of breaking free from the past resonates throughout the keynote "Statistically Speaking: I'm not supposed to be here." Simply Speaks fearlessly confronts corporate leaders, urging them to honor their life's purpose and inspire those they lead. By exposing the obstacles that hinder the fulfillment of their wildest dreams, Simply Speaks ignites a desire for change.

Simply Speaks holds a B.A. in Organizational Leadership & Communications from Marist College and pursued a master's degree in Organizational Change Management at The New School University in New York City, graduating in 2014. They identify as a non-binary transmasculine person and actively support initiatives for LGBTQIA individuals, including programs for LGBTIA youth and women in business.

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  • 25 Years Training & Development

  • NSA Professional Member

  • NYC NSA Academy Graduate 

  • Former 10-year Toastmaster's International Member

What can a former foster care and homeless teen parent turned business professional teach you about being authentic and resilient?

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