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P.E.P. Talk For High Achievers: Preparing Business Leaders For Long- term Resilience In Life & Business

This is a high impact program created for business professionals that want to bring out the best of their newly appointed leaders. In today’s fast paced, quick gratified world, leaders are expected to go with the flow of the day-to-day hustle and bustle of workplace expectations. To do so effectively, leaders must have the right tools in their toolbox to effectively assist the organization to increase production and customer satisfaction. Leaders must know how to implement a holistic approach to enhancing their employee’s moral.  Persistent Encouragement = Power (PEP) helps leaders to shift their leadership style and give more cooperative power to their employees.

After this program, organizations and leaders will be able to:

  • Create win-win solutions with employees

  • Build employee influence and character

  • Improve Employee Retention

  • Reduce workplace conflict

  • Establish a collaborative work-space with their team 

  • Create a synergistic work environment

  • Interact with peers in a more authentic fashion

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