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The 5X7 Boot Camp: A Crash Course To Personal & Professional Resilience 

So, you now have all your ducks lined up a row! Now that you gotten a little further up the ladder resilient woman how to do you plan on staying disciplined and focused? You whip yourself into shape! Boot Camp and heavy drills are just the right antidote for growing success.  All the greats have used drills and basic boot camp style regimes not only to build strength, but also to keep their mind focused and in alignment with their end results. 

Despite sleeping on floors, worn out smelly sofa’s and going from pillow to post, Simply managed to keep the vision in the forefront of his mind!  During the dark days of welfare, homelessness, and drug usage, Simply created the 5X7 rule to spearhead his action steps in life. Today they inspire others with their tough love approach to personal and professional well-being.  In this presentation, your clients and audience will learn to train their mind and body to become uncomfortable with being comfortable   In this power punching program Simply shares the 5X7 method he designed to stay on track with his vision and personal mission statement. Your clients and audiences will learn how to use the 5X7 rule to:


  • Sustain personal and professional development

  • 5 Power drills to improve and enhance overall performance

  • 7 Power Packed goals to develop self and others

  • Execute motivational drills in any arena using Positive Power Punching Techniques

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